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Community Outreach

DRP over the last 10 years has partnered with its affiliate Cayman outreach Association, Off The Street and The San Diego Training Center, to offer community outreach services by trying to meet the needs of the citizens.

Tutoring & Mentoring

According to Merriam-Webster a mentor is ‘a trusted counselor or guide’. Mentoring is a powerful personal and career development tool that can enable the mentee to achieve or exceed their life’s goals and aspirations.

DRP mentoring sessions was designed to assiduously give those children whom we tutor, a chance to unwind after coming out of a full day of school. We realized this helped to relax and prepare the students for the upcoming tutoring sessions. With this realization our experience and foresight allows us to effectively tutor our students while getting the most out of each session.

Prison Ministry

Remember no one is beyond God’s reach. We take his word into the prisons, to save the lost. Engaging with criminals and outcasts with the sole purpose of guiding each individual to god

Single Mothers Programme (SMP)

An initiative between Michael Myles from Cayman Islands Ministry of Education, Carl Cargill, Rena Rose-Cargill and Cayman Outreach Association (COA). The SMP was designed to assist young mothers who were in need of assistance to get back on their feet. These mothers were given monthly food vouchers, stipend, on the job training and daycare while in training.

Food Distribution

COA and DRP partnered and provided food to persons in the community members who were in need.

Prayer Meetings

Prayer and fasting meetings were held at the COA/DRP office in George Town, Cayman Islands, every Thursday between 12 noon and 2:00pm. We used the 1st hour to pray for the Island of Cayman and other Caribbean Countries, leaders of the Islands, Churches, Youth and Family

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