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About Us

Righteousness is a life style that is only achieved by being obedient to the word of God, not part of, or some of, but the complete word of God.

Vission Statement

A Christian entity, which serves to empower believers and non-believers through holistic conferences, seminars, youth and family outreach, professional development and sustainable training for the 21st century.

Mission Statement

Declare Righteousness intends to serve and display behavior that is morally justifiable and right according to the word of God. Such behavior will be characterized by the biblical accepted standards of virtue and uprightness.

Our Company

DRP in its inception was formed to manage Christian artist in the music industry (from music publishers, producers, studio engineers, distributors for retail & online music stores and performance right organizations) to provide wholesome entertainment. After being registered for 2 years and doing a few youth outreach and seminars, the owners and directors through prayer recognized that DRP vision is more than a music promotion entity but a holistic ministry that serves to meet the needs of fellow believers and non-believers through the love of Jesus Christ.

From this revelation DRP’s new purpose was redrafted to reflect a holistic ministry that encompasses the wider community and to win souls for Jesus Christ through the sharing of the gospel. DRP’s purpose is to meet people’s needs with love and humility on Christ’s behalf as a Christian entity.

The organizations only aim is to minister to others out of their devotion to Jesus Christ and their love for others, whether they are believers or unbelievers. In doing so all services and ministries must be impartial and unconditional, always seeking to help others as Jesus Christ would. DRP’s core philosophy is to make Jesus the center of its ministry in all areas, by empowering people from all walks of life through love, humility and good works to use their God given talents and gifting to glorify God. As a family ministry DRP services and events are geared towards empowering and developing families.

This is accomplished through sustainable ministry offering such as Family Seminars, Youth Outreach, Holistic Family Entertainment, Professional Development Seminars, and Technical & Vocational Training as ambassadors in the kingdom of God.



Carl Cargill

Leading Director

Rena Rose-Cargill

Finance Director

Zeffana Allen

Adminstration Director

Raphael Bodden
Cayman Islands Liaison

Cayman Islands Partner

Shane Cargill
Information Technology Manager

Nuturing talent

What we do

We are a managing, consulting and promotioning organization

Youth Diversion & Community Outreach

DRP over the last 10 years has partnered with its affiliate Cayman outreach Association, Off The Street and The San Diego Training Center, to offer community outreach services by trying to meet the needs of the citizens of the Cayman islands

Technological Development

Operate in the IT industries, and create web base technology for small business and entrepreneurs across the world.

Television Broadcasting

Impact the media industry in a productive way teaching holistic value to our generations.