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Community Outreach

DRP over the last 10 years has partnered with its affiliate Cayman outreach Association, Off The Street and The San Diego Training Center, to offer community outreach services by trying to meet the needs of the citizens of the Cayman islands, through; Prison Ministries, Dinner Meetings, Single Mothers  Programme, Hospital Visits, Food Distribution & Prayer Meetings

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Youth Diversion

Declare Righteousness Programme (DRP) has over 20 years experience of working in the prison system and 14 years with our partners Off  The Street Ministries from San Diego and Cayman Outreach Association(COA). Through these partnerships and our work in Jamaica, USA and the Cayman Islands  we have seen first hand, that the decisions and choices that some of today’s youth are making is leading them down  path of destruction!


Web Development & Maintenance

When we design websites, we do a lot to make sure that your brand and vision for your business is translated into the virtual world. We use only industry standard technologies to keep your business at the fore-front of the industry web standards.


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